August Activities 2018

August Activities 18

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  • Heather Matthews says:

    Hello, I live in Ealing and I am looking for a regular group to join to practice cycle skills and maintenance. I cycle everyday mostly for transport, but I have recently joined the Ealing Cycle Campaign for my first 2 longer distance rides to Black Park and Windsor. Both were fun and manageable. As a teacher of adults and a keen cyclist, I would also like to train as a cycle instructor. I would like to join you on Friday and wondered what time would be best to meet you and find out more about the club. I am not sure I am ready for 5 laps yet but I have just mended a puncture!

    • sgreaves says:

      Hello, thankyou for contacting us. We may change this weeks activity to cyclecross as we have the opportunity of having a British Cycling Coach visit us. I will post details of this if we change our current activity this week. We also have a facebook page – Minet Ladies Cycling Club where we post recent events, pictures and up and coming activities.

      Hope you can make it to the circuit this Friday.

      Best regards,

  • Heather Matthews says:

    Hi Sylvene, thanks for your reply. Should I come at 1.30 or before?

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