November Activities 2019

Here is what we are up to in November

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2 Responses to “November Activities 2019”
  • Mary Gunning says:

    I love to cycle and would like to join a club or group who ride out on a regular basis .Can you advise me please

    • sgreaves says:

      Hello Mary,

      Thank you for contacting Minet Ladies. We meet at Minet Country Park each Friday from 12:30 pm. We do not have a formal membership, instead, we ask our ladies to sign on to our session which costs £4. This helps us to use the facilities in the country park. We are a casual, friendly group and our numbers fluctuate each week depending on work, childcare etc

      This week we have a 2hr endurance ride around the circuit. This is a personal challenge to help each of us see how we are progressing.

      Please come along a join in.

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