Our Staple Tea Cake

One of our most popular cakes – always a winner

Makes a 2lb cake

500g Sultanas (can sub for raisins, mixed fruit or a mix of all)

380g Self-rising Flour

75g Dark Sugar

1 tbs cinnamon

1 tbs mixed spices

1 Litre of water

2-3 tea bags (if you have strong tea then only two teabags needed)

1-2 eggs (depending on the dryness of the mixture)

Heat the water and pop in the tea bags and leave to cool down. Add the Sultanas to a bowl with the mixed spices and cinnamon. Once the tea has cooled add to the bowl and leave to steep for 24hrs if possible or a least a couple of hours for the sultanas to absorb the tea water.

In a separate bowl, add and mix the flour and sugar. Remove the tea bags from the fruit. Add the flour mix in with the fruit. Mix together. The mixture should be gloopy and sticky but not dry. If too dry then add one egg.

By gloopy I mean if you scoop some mixture on to a spoon and let it fall it should not run off the spoon but gently fall from the spoon. The flour should be completely mixed in, there should not be any flour left in the bowl.

Set the oven to 140 for fan ovens.  Line a 2lb tin and put the mixture in. Set timer for 30mins. Take out and cover with foil and place back in the oven for a further 50mins. Take out and test with a thin skewer. If not clean then pop back in for a further 10mins.

Give it a go and let me know if you make your own tweeks.

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